Fresh Staaaance

Fresh Vibe logo designed by Joseph Burley, image nabbed from Art-Tart

So I finished a uni project about a week ago, the brief given was basically “in groups, design an experience presenting the argument for/against {issue}”, where the {issue} we were given is “for gentrification”.

A tough sell… Though that’s not because I don’t agree with the stance, I think gentrification is generally a good thing when controlled and planned for, it just that its such a horrible stance to try and explain visually because there’s so many different facets to it, none of which can really stand on their own and confidently represent gentrification (if that makes sense?). e.g. Knocking down an old cottage can be a clear visual reference to the anti-gentrification argument, but an area being more diverse doesn’t immediately lend itself to being pro-gentrification in the same way. The more I thought about it there more we bumped into this wall, so it was fairly obvious we should combine/phrase arguments in a way where people can then make a link to it being gentrification without us explicitly saying “uhhhh gentrification make more diverse”.

Mockup Bottles

Anyway the concept Joe and Martin came up with was to present as if we were selling gentrification as a range of cleaning products, which was a stroke of genius at the time, since nothing really compared to that idea up to that point. We would get to show off different facets of the issue to make it a clean and concise point, use the statistics we had gathered throughout the research phase since home cleaning products are quite well known to have percentage claims and such, and there was a distinct style we could fall into, perfect. I didn’t really come up with any names or anything, mostly because I’m not great at wordplay and most of the things I came up with were a little offensive/aggressive, it’s harder than you think to come up with alternate names for products like Cilit Bang and Domestos, they just have weird names. Joe and Martin came up with a bunch, but we ended up going with “Lairy”, “JayWick”, “Dettox”, “Classo”. All pretty good names, had no clue what Brasso was at that time but oh well. On to the presentation!

I ended up making a few short video clips and Joe made an overarching brand, while Martin worked on the script and bish bash bosh, you have a presentation. Here’s the finished thing, we recorded it just for your pleasure, enjoy: