King Koopa

Se7en Title Sequences designed by Kyle Cooper

So I just spent the past few hours drooling over the work of a guy you probably know called

Kyle Cooper, he pretty much designs all of the good title sequences ever, but is most known for the titles he made for the David Fincher film, Se7en, which is pretty cool, but when I saw it I thought to myself, wow this reminds me a lot of the American Horror Story title sequences, and lo and behold, Kyle Cooper designed those too!

Both these titles give off a real creepy vibe, with the music and the pace of the cuts, as well as the type jumping around always keeping you on your toes.

After making that connection my interest was piqued, what else has he made? To be honest it would be impossible to go through and list all of them, and at that point I might as well just give you his website. So heres some of my favorite movies/games that hes designed for:

That’s just such a ridiculous volume of projects, all to such a high quality (and thats with me being picky). This man has a hand in at least 10% of the media that I love growing up, and it’s just a shame that I only recently knew his name until recently.